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    The Luxurious And International Motor Show

    Among the initiatives of the 2012 Bologna Motor Show – held in BolognaFiere December 5 to 9, 4 December day reserved for press and operators – there are confirmations Icon Cars, an exhibition of cars which have driven the roads and circuits Italian beginning of the last century until the[…]

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    How To Get Mercedes Benz On Lease The Hassle-Free Way?

    How about leasing Mercedes from the dealer that supports you truly in all possible ways? The idea will definitely look appealing to those who have found the process really difficult and cumbersome. Getting a vehicle on lease requires: Locating the vehicle Finding dealers offering the make desired Getting the quote[…]

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Motorcycle Accidents And What Happens Next

We all know that prevention is better than cure when it comes to involvement in a road traffic accident. Despite our best efforts however, accidents do happen. When it comes to motorbike riders, serious injury and fatality is much more likely due to the exposure faced by the rider. Riders[…]

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Best Tips for Choosing the Right Bike Accessories

Bike riding is one of the most passionate things found among the youngsters these days. No matter whether you are a fitness freak or leisure rider, everyone has one perfect bike for themselves. Considering what kind of bike you will opt for, the choice varies from road bike to mountain[…]

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Best Tips When It Comes to Select the Motorsport Helmets

In the modern era of sports, confusion is the main culprit in choosing the right motorsport helmet for oneself. Markets are flooded with all different brands and styles claiming their own best features and thus making the buyer shakier in taking up right decision. But the main criteria of focus[…]

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What To Look For When Choosing The Right Car Repair Shop?

Taking care for your car can be an exhausting experience. It is a lifelong relationship between the car owner and his vehicle and it is of great importance since his life behind the wheel depends on it. As a driver you have to prioritize in keeping the car in roadworthy[…]

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Breakdowns Increase By 30% As Brits Go Back To Work

According to the AA Monday January 5 was the busiest day of the year for motor trade garages, with breakdowns increasing by 30%. In fact in the lead up to the chaotic day the organisation confirmed that it was expecting over 19,000 call-outs!The data from the UK’s leading breakdown cover provider[…]

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