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10 Stunning Facts About BMW Extended Warranty Revealed

Okay, so you are at the car dealer and having a hard time deciding what type of warranty to apply for to your pre-owned BMW. The first one is the Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, which is available through an actual dealer of BMW. This type of warranty comes ‘free’ when you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. The next one is the Extended Warranty, which is only available from the so-called ‘B-Dealers’. This is primarily issued by private company and not owned by BMW.

If you are interested to get BMW extended warranty cost you should know first the stunning facts about it.

  1. Save great amount of money. It is important to become aware that repair shops and dealership can cost arm and leg to fix your BMW car, but with the extended warranty, coverage primarily pays for labor, parts, and any other applicable taxes.
  2. Protect your valuable investment. Just think of the extended warranty as safe net if something happens. While most of the drivers are still financing their own vehicle, most of them will admit to not having enough amount of money to pay away for car repairs. The extended warranty will safeguard your vehicle and most of all, your wallet from paying for costly repairs.
  3. Perks of protection. The protection plan in extended warranty includes added incentives like 24/7 Roadside Assistance to provide the drivers with the needed aid on the road.
  4. Extend the life of your BMW vehicle. With this type of warranty, you will have strong reason for keeping up with repairs. Through ensuring that repairs will be paid for with BMW extended warranty, drivers like you will definitely default extend life of your BMW vehicle.
  5. Peace of mind. Every mile you drive, every gallon you fill up with, you can be certain that when your BMW vehicle breaks down, it will surely be covered.
  6. Transferability. BMW extended warranty can be passed on to the new owners thus ensures that your BMW retains its own value.
  7. Cost coverage. The defects can be rectified without requiring you to pay an amount of money for up to five years.
  8. Mobility. Regular maintenance primarily ensures that your vehicle remains in its excellent shape and that you remain mobile.
  9. Safety and quality. For all types of repairs, the Original BMW Parts are utilized.
  10. Flexibility. The best thing about BMW extended warranty is its validity worldwide at all participating BMW Service Partners.

BMW Warranty Extension Packages mainly extend the owners statutory right in claiming for any vehicle defect for up to five years. This only means that the owner can submit claims after the initial period of twenty four months.

BMW cars are expensive and can come more expensive to fix if something goes wrong. BMW was made with different parts that range from tiniest screw to twin-power engines right under the hood. Fortunately, BMW extended warranty is available along with a budget direct comprehensive car insurance quote. Whether it has expired or is about to expire, there is still time to protect your valuable BMW vehicle. pantai kuta bali

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