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Advice On Restoration Of Trucks

Restoring medium duty trucks might be a big task compared to pickups, but it is not as difficult as for the heavy duty ones and so an active hobbyist can definitely try a hand at it. Here are some tips provided by industry’s best heavy haulage experts to help you kick start the process.


• The first and foremost thing to take care of is the space. The garage where the restoration is to take place should be big enough to fit in a medium duty truck and still leave some space for the extra components as well as facilitate smooth working for a couple of people around it.

• Extremely heavy and risky parts like the tires, rims, and wheels might need professional handling and that kind of logistics also needs to be taken care of.
• Access to all the required tools should be made way before arranging for the restoration process.

• If the restoration is done only as a hobby, you won’t need the official papers after that. However, for commercial purposes, the registration, insurance, and driving license will be required, and that arrangement needs to be taken into consideration.

• The area where the truck will be used needs a thorough checking. There is no point in going through the whole process if you cannot drive the truck just because that type is not suitable for the roads in your area.

A Brief Review about the Parts

1. Sheet Metal

Cab restoration is the easiest part of this process as most truck cabs can easily interchange with pickups. However, if you go for bigger trucks, you might need a little more time finding the rights fit as there have been a lot of changes in the cab construction since the past few years.

2. Engine

This might be a difficult find as well, considering the variety of engines found in different automobiles, and rare similarities to the old truck engines. However, getting the facts about your present engine right will ensure a near-perfect match for sure.

3. Transmissions

The best thing about transmissions for big trucks is that all the old trucks were fitted with the common four speed manual transmission, and if you get the brake setup of 5000 or 6000 series, you don’t have to worry about new parking brake cables as it is already a part of the set. Searching for good drivetrain discount auto parts will help you a great deal.

4. Rear Ends

Keeping in mind the gear ratio, size of your truck, and the amount of weight to be carried by the truck when it is restored the rear end can then be chosen quite easily. However, finding axles and bearings is easier for lighter vehicles and might need a little patience and hard work from your side.

5. Brakes

Bigger brakes with increased braking power will handle heavier loads. Though it might cost a little more to buy all the compatible parts for the same, high quality parts are recommended as far as brakes are concerned, as it still might be a low price to pay for the safety.

Author Box: Sammy suggests for a repairing attempt if your vehicle has not suffered a great damage. He even hints at the benefits of purchase when you select Drivetrain Discount Auto Parts from a reputable online firm.

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