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Best Tips for Choosing the Right Bike Accessories

Bike riding is one of the most passionate things found among the youngsters these days. No matter whether you are a fitness freak or leisure rider, everyone has one perfect bike for themselves. Considering what kind of bike you will opt for, the choice varies from road bike to mountain bike, mountain dual suspension bike, BMX bike, touring bikes, flat bar road bike, cruiser bike, hybrid bike and the list goes on and on and on.

After being sure about the desired one for you, choosing on the right bike accessories becomes an essential and foremost important point here. Supermarkets are flooded with all kinds of accessories but which and what to choose is the major concern.

  1. Fenders: Scared of spoiling your clothes while driving in rainy weather? Don’t worry, these tyre covers will help you protect from splitting the filthy water on you while you drive. Being available in both metal and plastic, they have unique sizes fitting all tyres. An average road bike tyre has 700mm diameter and 23 mm width. So choose according to your bike.

  2. Frame Pump: Heading forward to an annual exam and flat tyre is what you face while driving? This pump will help you solve this problem. If not interested in carry a pump then carry along Co2 cartridges which refill the tyres in seconds.

  3. Reflective Vest or Jacket: Buy yourself the brightest coloured, reflective vest jacket so that the motorists do notice you on road. Don’t feel like a touch dorky the first time to wear vest rather focus on its life saving property of the same.

  4. Headlights: Coming down to driving bikes at night; nothing is more risky than this if you don’t have an appropriate head light. This can be either be halogen ones or LED based. Check your budget and decide the ones which are best suitable for you. Available in white colour this forms the most important accessory for bike riders.

  5. Tail Lights: If headlights are to be in white, then these are made in red colour. They give visibility to the approaching motorists and are available in flashes or blinking forms. Both head and tail lights are the two sides of the same coin and none of them can be ignored.

  6. Racks: Do you want you to grab some grocery or other stuff while coming back home? Then this is a must for you. Options vary from simple baskets to quick-release models that are popping out and into your seats.

  1. Basic Ride Kit: Don’t spend too much on buying everything but then few levers and certain wrenches, patch kit and a screw driver are not to be ignored. They will be bliss in minor breakdowns along the way.

  2. Rain Gear: No one likes to be drenched so be geared up for those unexpected rain showers. Grab rain gear from store, choose a flashy colour for fun to gear you up and don’t miss a head cap with it.

  3. Helmet: Saving your head is the utmost important thing. Different brands offer different varieties and there is always a one of your taste. Choose one and wear it while riding.

So get up and get going, make a checklist of all the cycle accessories you require and head towards the store. Fix them all on your bike and enjoy your riding.

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