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Importance Of Visiting Genuine BMW Service Center

Owning a luxurious car is always a dream of many people. BMW is that car which is loved by almost all.  However, buying a brand new model of the series can be a costly affair; it is very popular among people of all ages because of its attractive body, high performance, great mileage, the pleasure of driving and advance and intelligent features. So, if you are an owner of a BMW car or planning to purchase one, you need to make sure you maintain it regularly and hit the service center to get it serviced on every 10,000 km to ensure the longevity of it. But one should always consider visiting only an authorized car service center for repair services.

The authorized service centers have trained and qualified staff. These technicians are extensively trained under factory standards manufacturers and suppliers.

  • The trained technicians have the capability to repair all BMW models.
  • As the experience of the staff is more and their qualification is high they can understand any problem with the BMW car and fix it right.
  • The work performed by the staff is highly precise and done with full commitment.
  • The service centers use only BMW approved diagnostic equipment for servicing.
  • The technicians at the BMW service center use only genuine automobile parts to ensure the Safety of the passenger and driver. One also gets the two-year warranty on the parts.
  • Get value for your money spent on car servicing at authorized service centers. The resale value of your vehicle can increase when you have a good service history.

Things That You Will Find at BMW Car Service Center

1. Conditional based servicing

As a part of BMW car service from the authorized center, you will get a system which will tell you when you have to bring your car again for next servicing. The whole car is monitored to find the condition including all the wear and tear it has face to get you the information.

2. Trained technicians and Genuine parts

Only authorized workshops have a team of trained and qualified technicians to look and repair the valuable car. The parts like oil filters, brake pads, spark plugs, etc. are genuine in such centers. 

3. Value service

Many models of the BMW series have value for money and so authorized workshops offer services inclusive of price.

4. Accident recovery service

All BMW models fall under complimentary BMW Accident Recovery scheme. So if your car is not running after an accident, you can call in to the authorized workshop. They will pick up the car, access the damage and repair it as soon as possible. You get the added advantage of trained technicians and genuine parts when you visit authorized BMW service center.

5. Genuine service history

The performance, as well as the value of the BMW car, can be secured with regular servicing from authorized workshops. This will also help you get a good resale value on the car. 

6. BMW approved oil and tyres

The performance and value of the car’s engine depend upon the type of oil used. The timely oil change service from the authorized service center can improve the fuel efficiency and the performance of the car. The BMW manufacturers work with tyre manufacturers to create the specialized tyrefor the different models. So at the authorized workshop, you can always be assured of getting BMW approved tyres while getting the tyre changing services.

Benefits of Getting Authorized Service Center for Your Car

You buy your favorite car and it is your duty to take care of it so that it can run for longer hours without any trouble. Getting a BMW car service from authorized service center can have loads of advantages and help you in the long run.


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