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Top Tips For Travelling Safely To Minimise The Requirement Of Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance services are a great help to motorists. However, the chances of taking roadside assistance can be minimised with due care. It’s not about money we have to pay for them. As such, some of the roadside assistance companies can be incredibly economical. For example, we can buy cheap car battery in Melbourne at Roadside Response, a company providing high quality services for economical prices. It’s about the stress and panic we go through. To reduce it, we just have to be a little more careful. Here are some tips.

How to Prevent Kids Locking in Cars?

During past some months, there has been a bout of high temperatures in Australia, with the mercury rising more than 15° C above the regular temperatures. Australian Bureau of Meteorology has predicted increasingly hot summers in the coming years, an alarm bell for rise in tragic incidents of children being locked in cars accidentally. To avoid such events, here are some tips parents should follow:

  • Ensure that the car keys are always in your pocket or hands
  • Know and understand the central locking function of your car before starting the journey with children
  • While parking the car and children in the car, remember to keep one of the doors open to prevent automatic locking of car

Take Extra Care on Public Holidays

Surveys indicate that Aussie motorists are 60% more likely to need roadside assistance on public holidays, like Labour Day or Christmas, than the regular days of the year. A roadside assistance company receives more than 75% more calls on a public holiday than that on a normal day and they have to appoint extra staff on these days. Here are tips to avoid hassle while driving on public holidays:

  • Prepare your vehicle the same way you would for an extended drive
  • Allow ample time to reach your destination and as far as you can, avoid driving at peak hours, as there are too many people on the road
  • Avoid entering holiday mood till you reach the destination safely! Follow the usual precautions, have patience and minimise distractions to lessen the risk of evitable mishaps.

Travelling with Pets

Roadside assistance is needed quite a lot of times for pets locked in cars. The stress of locking in of your beloved pets, just like your kids, is horrible; but you can avoid it with a few simple precautions. Leaving pets unattended in the car even for a few jiffies can be dangerous. Many of us just forget that the internal temperatures can go up quickly, irrespective of the time of the year or windows are down. Here are some things to remember:

  • If you are not sure about whether you can attend your pet while s/he is in the car, give it a second thought to take them with you. Ensure that your pet will be safe and comfortable at your destination; otherwise, leave them with your friends, family or a professional pet-sitter.
  • During a long journey, don’t forget to take breaks for your pet.
  • Keep your pet well hydrated. Dogs cannot stand extreme heat because they don’t sweat. Ensure to carry ample water with you for pets and help them stay cool.
  • Monitor your pet carefully to see if they are showing any signs of distress, like excess drooling, panting, troubled breathing, disorientation or increased heart rate.

Despite taking a due care, difficult situations can occur when you have no other choice than calling professionals. Contact Roadside Response for a best roadside assistance in Melbourne.

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