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8 Reasons To Consider ‘augmented Reality’ For Automobile Navigation

In automobile industry there have been many advances that could help people drive a vehicle with comfort. Pre-installed internet telephony, music system, and gadgets are making automobile navigation comfortable. Still a long distant drive can be stressful when it is decided at the very last moment and when driver needs to race against time. Yes, some individuals are dreaming of futuristic cars driving themselves; however, prototypes suggest that there is still long way to go.


In the meantime a navigation technology that has already been adopted by leading vehicle manufacturers is knocking on doors. Popularly known as ‘Augmented reality’ (AR), it is not exactly a rocket science – rather most of the elements are very familiar.


The camera, speakers, compass, and GPS unit make use of the available data and with help of the internet they guide a driver to his destination. This technology further takes virtual objects and layers them on the top of live camera feed and displays relevant information received from online sources.

Reasons that Support Augmented Reality

1. Driver safety – With location aware capability, these vehicles can send/receive messages and communicate in real time. Thanks to the internet, data keeps feeding vehicle with all the information, making your driving safer.

2. Fuel efficiency – As route calculation happens in real time and point of interest (e.g. restaurant) can be reached with minimum time and distance. And if restaurant is closed, car will also notify you the same.

3. Interactivity – AR makes automobile interactive and the driver can focus on the very task of driving. Any secondary task like finding a gas station takes a back seat while all such tasks are carried out hands-free.

4. Discovery – On cross-country rides, this factor plays a role, giving out all the information about places around. People in the car will have a liberty to get out there and explore the world.

5. Luxury – Once combined with in-car internet and also with social media, AR can bring up enhanced experience like offers from favorite coffee shops and also support online purchases.

6. Immersive experience – Driving on a long tour would never be hectic again as experience of having real world with layers of information will keep an individual engulfed.

7. Virtual mechanic – With this feature, vehicle would provide reports on necessary maintenance practices (i.e. changing oil, checking tire pressure) and even fetch required auto insurance quotes comparison charts upon request.

8. The (Cool) AI factor – This may not be on top of this list; however, the artificial intelligence (AI) onboard car is going to change how an individual experiences things. Think about parking yourself in the field and looking at the stars through on-board star-charts from your car.

While every technology has limitations, researchers and automobile manufacturers are working to reduce the distractions caused by tremendous flow of information.

This automobile navigation technology is like pair of glasses that can provide informative graphics through car’s windshield, and audio that coincide with whatever one sees. Along with other innovations, AR is set out to provide an individual experience of driving in a way it was never dreamt of.
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Michael Williams guides you in picking the right vehicle having advanced features in it. He also advises to do some homework before purchase like auto insurance quotes comparison, dealer history check, etc.

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