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After The Fixie

A lot of people consider indigenous hipsters to be a dying breed, but that they also kept their reputation as the biggest endorsers and worshipers of to the very hypothetical end. So, with that in mind, what do you think does the future hold for those simplified bikes and their eager and presumably extinct riders? Well, one thing is certain – bicycles will never go out of style, because they  simply are one of the most efficient, addictive and entertaining method of transportation. Honestly, if you put the whole hipster drama on the side, all you have left is what truly matters – figuring out how to make your bike even better! So to honor the somewhat hipster way of life, we will be discussing five upgrades that will enhance your bike performance and purpose…

Before we begin, I also want to mention that there are practically countless attachments, gadgets and additions designed for improving a bike, these five are only the tip of the iceberg. Bike enthusiasts especially have a knack for those , and it’s understandable why some people get so easily hooked on them in the first place, but we’ll put everything in moderation and stay within the practical domain.


Never take tyres for granted, simply because they are the ones that touch the ground and withstand the terrain. If you buy the appropriate ones for the conditions you ride, it can make a drastic difference in the way your bike performs. And that they require change (although that either means that you’ve been riding your bike well, or that you used the wrong tyres on the wrong trail), so to determine if you need an upgrade, simply put the old tyre next to a new one and estimate what needs to be done with that difference.


Stock pedals usually easily wear out, mainly because they are the contact point and that’s where a lot of physical damage is sustained. This part of the bike is often overlooked, but it, too, has a huge impact on bike performance. If you get yourself clipless pedals, cleats will come with the package, but maybe all you need to do is restore your old pedals, make them feel new and replace only the worn-out cleats with the new ones.


This part of the bike supports most of your bodyweight, so its main purpose is definitely comfort. Now, saddles that came in stock might fit your anatomy perfectly, but that is usually not the case in general. Finding the right size and shape will make a world of difference, thus improving your performance and overall experience.

Stem and bars

This may be a tad expensive improvement, but a new wide bar and a short stem combination will allow you to amplify your performance, or, alternatively, if you want a cross country setup, then stretch yourself out a bit more with a longer stem and flatten your bar for that off-road craze.

Tune up

There are also many ways you can spruce up your bike by tuning up other major components of a bike. A quick trip to the shop can help you replace your cables and housing for a smooth-shifting ride. You can bleed your brakes, or buy a new set of pads which make a difference in those emergency stops. Also, keep up with regular maintenance on your suspensions (fork and shock). You don’t want to feel like you’re riding a brick. And, finally, keep your bike from groaning and grinding every time you pedal by cleaning and greasing the bottom brackets on a regular basis.

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