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Hatchback Showdown: Chevrolet Beat Vs Ford Figo

The most popular car segment in India is hatchback. The popularity of this segment can be attributed to its cost-efficiency without compromising with performance. The top two cars that are the current hot favorite in this segment are Chevrolet Beat and Ford Figo. This tie is mainly between the diesel variants of both of these car models. Beat is a consistent performer when it comes to the popular hatchbacks in India. Both these cars rank as the top two choices for the coveted spot of best diesel car in India. Figo has made a recent upgrade in this segment with the launch of its diesel variant.


This comparative study is mainly aimed at providing a better insight into both of these cars. The information is intended to help the readers in making the right choice while zeroing on a car suitable for them. Both these cars are backed by a robust promotion strategy that helps in escalation of their overall sales. The innovative design team of Beat makes sure that it keeps up with the changing aesthetic trends in car world. Hence the Beat still manage to serenade its audience even after being around for such a long time.

The appealing exteriors of Beat have a lot of highlights to offer. The fresh design and svelte layout make it a perfect choice for all generations. The front side is lined with huge head lamps. Chevy Grille is another glorious addition to its stunning looks. The prominent arch on wheels gives a bold outline to the entire design. The rear end doors are slightly recessed that gives the car a sporty look. Noticeable upswept crease makes renders a neat finish to it. The car is a winner in terms of looks too part from being one of the top contenders for the best diesel car in India.

Ford Figo follows in the footsteps of Beat in terms of affordability and mileage. The engine design constitutes 4 cylinders with a capacity of 1.4 liters each. The engine is 8-valved Duratorq engine having an outstanding engine capacity of 1399cc. It is linked to a manual transmission system having the characteristic 5-speed. The value of maximum power generation for Figo is 68.1BHP. This brings out an acceleration of 4000RPM. The peak value of torque is 160 Nm. It provides an acceleration of 2000RPM.

Many new model cars are expected to be launched this year. This year is expected to witness a drastic change in the set ways of car carnival in India. The car companies have decided to reinvent their image as per their popular automobile models. Few of these will be fresh arrivals while others will be a revolutionized version of previous models. These cars will seek to maintain their leadership in Indian market. Eventually the commercial and pricing activities will depend upon its market response. Indian car market has always had its fare share of popular global car models included in it. Features and performance are the main criteria used to compare cars nowadays. Prestigious automobile brands have always come up with excellent car models year after year.

Author Bio:- John Wook, an auto expert by profession has a great passion for cars. He has published many articles on the web regarding the new, best, latest and upcoming cars in India. Here in this article, he has shown comparison between the cars: Chevrolet Beat Vs Ford Figo.

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