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How To Spot An Undesirable Taxi Service In A Heartbeat

As is the case across all industries and all business areas, some taxi services are simply better than others. Of course in most instances the differences are minor – slightly higher prices, older cars and so on and so forth – but right at the very bottom of the pile there are those that should be avoided at all costs.


The key to making the right choice when booking Camberley taxis lies in proactivity, as in never taking anything for granted. Chances are you’ll fall on your feet most times, but to fall foul of an undesirable cab company means to put not only your money and your schedule on the line, but perhaps even your safety and wellbeing. It sounds dramatic, but is at the same time something that’s wholly easy to avoid – it’s simply a case of keeping your eye open for the following warning signs:

1 – Poor Quality Website

While a website doesn’t necessarily tell you everything there is to know about a business, it sure can tell you a lot. This is after all the first impression the business has decided to share with the world, meaning that if you get the impression they’re either unprofessional or don’t give a damn, chances are this is exactly the case. The first impression is usually the one you should go with – trust your gut instinct.

2 – No Mention of Licensing

Licensing is, unsurprisingly, a pretty big deal in the world of the taxi company – don’t ever take it for granted. Of course the vast majority of taxi drivers and the businesses they work for are fully legit and licensed, but there will always be those that choose not to follow the rules. These are the types to be avoided at all costs, which means looking for evidence of licensing and asking questions where unclear.

3 – Questions Avoided

Speaking of questions, when and where a taxi service either avoids questions or responds with any kind of negativity, chances are you’ll be able to figure out why. As a professional business it’s their job to answer any and all questions you might have, rather than to just simply assume you already know all you need to trust them implicitly.

4 – Unclear Pricing

Pricing has always been a big sticking point with taxi services, but in an age where everything is computerised and tracked to the very inch, there’s no excuse for unclear pricing. No matter where you’re going or when, you should be given a concrete maximum price for the trip that will not be exceeded, regardless of traffic conditions, diversions or anything else across the board. If they cannot offer you a fully clear price that will not change under any circumstances, find a service that will.

5 – No Fixed Address

As is the case with all legit businesses, the taxi company you’re looking to do business with really should have its own fixed and registered address – not some residential address or phony PO Box address. While an address doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the way they do business, it does at least let you know that it is indeed a real business with a registered address as opposed to some back-bedroom operation being run by an unknown amateur. The same also applies for fixed-line telephone numbers and email addresses.

6 – No Guarantees

Taxi drivers are often reluctant to offer guarantees in terms of price as rivals are always doing their utmost to undercut each other. However, on a like for like basis you should at least be given the guarantee of a good deal in line with industry averages which if proved to be in any way excessive will be adjusted accordingly. What’s more, you should also be made certain promises in terms of punctuality in order to ensure that important journeys and pressing engagements are approached with the care and respect they deserve. By contrast, if all you see are disclaimers saying you book at your own risk and any consequences are your own fault, you might want to try somewhere else.

7 – No Feedback 

Last but not least, taxi services these days are quite heavily reliant on feedback to spread the good word about what they do and let the world know they’re as good as it gets. But whereas some taxi services publish feedback all over their websites for all to see, others make no mention of it whatsoever. Suffice to say, the reason the latter group doesn’t want you to know what’s being said about them is pretty self-explanatory.

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