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New Atego Trucks Were Given Away To A Recovery Patrol

AA Recovery Patrol of the Year Tony Doran is one of the first to posses a new Euro 6 Mercedes-Benz Atego tractor unit.

As it previously happened to Mercedes Benz axor 1840 tractor unit, Actros1845 E6 MP4 and Mercedes Actros 4141 Kipper , the supplied 13-tonne Atego 1323 has a factory-fitted crew cab and came complete with the AA 3 registration plate that puts a vehicle into the position of ambassador for the AA’s cargo operations.

Part of an order for 30 identical vehicles, the AA’s new Ategos – the first since 2001 to join its fleet – can transport up to five passengers and was specified with a tilt and slide body, designed and built by specialist Ceejay Systems, of Alresford, Hampshire.

Doran, who drove Rygor’s AA-liveried demonstrator in procession with its historic collection at last November’s Lord Mayor’s Show, says the Atego the same like Atego 1224 L tilt truck and MERCEDES-BENZ Atego 1224 curtainsider stomped themselves as really nice trucks to drive.

“It’s very comfortable and with its new body perfectly tailored to our operation,” comments Doran. “I can’t wait to get out on the road and start using my new truck to support our members.”

The AA is the first significant UK operator to run the latest Euro 6 Atego crew cab variant, which offers a 4.0-tonne payload capacity and can additionally tow vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

AA fleet engineer Chris Wiltshire MSOE MIRTE says it was chosen largely because of the reliability of Rygor’s demonstration unit, and the positive feedback from recovery patrols.

“In 12 months that truck didn’t suffer a single day of downtime, which was hugely impressive,” states Wiltshire.We have taken various opportunities to present the Atego to our patrols, so they could compare it with products by our two established suppliers. Overwhelmingly, they have come down in favour of the Mercedes-Benz.”

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