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Why Scooters Are Preferred Over Cars In India?

In this post we are going to talk about why people in India prefer scooters to travel over cars mostly. India is world’s second largest population and expectedly there are much more number of scooters and bikes in India than that of cars? But if we talk about many western countries cars are usually preferred.

But what is the reason behind the preference of Scooters over the cars? Let’s know.

The very first reason is that car is not as cheap as a scooter. Even car is much more costly than a car. The price at which a simple car pricing starts is near about equal to the price needed to purchase 6-7 scooters. That’s a huge difference. You can check best scooty in India to buy.

The major part of India’s population is not as rich as to afford a car easily. That’s why this is the basic reason why scooters are generally preferred over the cars in India. But this is not the only reason. There are many other supportive reasons.

One of the biggest supportive reason is the condition of Indian road network. India is a country where people have their houses in streets and roads of various size and dimensions. Car can’t reach at each and every place in India but scooters can even be used to travel in small streets which are too tight for a car be travel on. That’s why people can take only scooters in those streets.

Traffic in India is the second biggest supportive reason. Indian road system is quite good to handle medium level of cars traffic and high level of scooters and bikes traffic. If people will make use of cars to travel all around the cities in India, it will be a huge time water. On the other hand, scooters can used to reach at various destinations across the cities and villages in India within the least possible time.

The third supportive reason is the space of parking. As I said above, some of the streets in India are quite narrow that even cars can’t pass throw them. If car’s even can’t pass throw them, then how will they be get parked there? On the other hand scooters can easily pass through most of the streets as well as can be parked anywhere easily. This is a big reason for the people to travel on scooter for short distances.

So, these are the reasons that we think for the people in India to prefer scooters over the cars. The basic reason is clear that not everyone can afford a car in India but there are many other supportive reasons as described above that really express the asked question about which we are discussing in this article. So, if someone is asking you that why people used to travel on Scooter in India over the cars, share this article to them. Moreover, scooters are a bit eco-friendly than cars. They cause less pollution while cars could cause too much pollution if started to being used by a big part of India’s population. Read more automotive related articles at topindiafree.com site.

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